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1. Gravity地心引力地心引力

When NASA travellers Sandra Bullock and George Clooney get lost in space, all awe breaks loose. Losing contact with Mission Control, as well as access to their oxygen supply, they are alone together, with time and options running out. An epic of desperate peril and profound wonder, Alfonso Cuar‪ón’s thrilling 3-D drama is a testament to human grit and groundbreaking technical ingenuity. It deserves to be seen once for the wow factor and a second time to try to figure out how Cuar‪ón and his digital savants managed to make the impossible seem so cinematically plausible. No one had dared even to imagine this stuff — like the astounding 13-minute take that opens the movie — yet here it all is, vividly and sumptuously realized. In depicting the fearful, beautiful reality of the space world above our world, Gravity reveals the glory of cinema’s future; it thrills on so many levels. And because Cuar‪ón is a movie visionary of the highest order, you truly can’t beat the view.
二四天天正版好彩免费资枓1 影片中,当NASA宇航员的两位扮演者---桑德拉.布洛克和乔治.克鲁尼在太空中迷失的那一刻,我们所有人都倒吸一口凉气。和地面指挥中心失去联系,氧气供应断绝,时间和选择都在一步步耗尽,他们所有的,只有他们自己。这一部如史诗般的作品,让人们看到深陷绝望的困境,也让人陷入深思。阿方索.卡隆的这一部惊险的3D影片,充满对人类勇气的检验,也是在技术上的一次突破性探索。这是一部值得二次观影的影片,第一次可以体验影片的刺激效果,第二遍看看卡隆和他的数码团队们,是如何把这些在电影制作上不可能做到的场面,描绘的如此使人信服。影片以无间断的13分钟镜头开场,这种手法是前人想都不敢想的,卡隆做到了,而且场面生动形象,蔚为大观。《地心引力》描绘了在你我上方那个空间里,美丽与惊恐并存的现实,也掀开了电影时代光辉未来的帷幕;它也给我们的惊恐也是如此多层面的。此外,导演卡隆也是一线阵容中的电影梦想家,所以这部电影的确不容错过。

2. The Great Beauty / La grande bellezza绝美之城

“What’s the matter with nostalgia?” asks an aging poet in this masterpiece of divine decadence. “It’s the only thing left for those of us who have no faith in the future.” Writer-director Paolo Sorrentino, whose Il Divo blended political bio-pic and Ovidian satire, views modern Rome in all its excess through the jaded eyes of “the king of the socialites,” journalist Jep Gambardella (Il Divo’s Toni Servillo) — and, further back, more than a half-century, to the Eternal City as seen by Federico Fellini in La Dolce Vita. This profligately cinematic achievement shows an affection for nearly all of its outsize characters, and a melancholy that the flaming creatures of Jep’s acquaintance will soon burn out. Giving even the cynics a faith in the vibrancy of movies, The Great Beauty is the year’s grandest, most exhilarating film that takes place on Earth.
二四天天正版好彩免费资枓1 “怀旧有什么好非议的?”这部讲述一场盛大堕落的大作中,一位年老的诗人这样问道。“这对于我们这些对未来不抱信念的人来说,就是唯一。“编剧兼导演---保罗.索诺提诺,曾拍摄过影片《大牌明星》,该片是政治传记和奥德维式讽刺融合的集大成者,在《绝美之城》中,他从“社会上流人士的国王“---记者杰普.甘巴尔贝拉(《大牌明星》中的托尼.瑟诺威)疲倦的眼睛里,全方位的观察现代的罗马。时间再倒回到半个多世纪以前,回到《甜蜜生活》中费德里克.费里尼眼里的罗马---那个永恒之城。这部影片是一部放荡不羁的电影杰作,影片表现了对罗马这座城市的所有显著特点的全心热爱,全片都笼罩在一片深重的忧郁中---杰普所认识的那些“热血造物”都会很快在现实中陨落。该片让批评界都重燃电影业振兴的希冀,《绝美之城》当之无愧是本年度最壮丽最令人拍案叫好的影片。

3. American Hustle美国骗局

History remade as sparkling farce: the FBI’s late-70’s Abscam investigation of political corruption, which led to the conviction of a U.S. Senator and seven Congressmen, becomes this headlong tale of romance and recklessness. In director David O. Russell’s third consecutive movie about mismatched couples and their crazy families, after The Fighter and Silver Linings Playbook, A New York con artist (Christian Bale) juggles a mouthy wife (Jennifer Lawrence) and a cunning girl friend (Amy Adams) while reluctantly cooperating with the sting — supervised by a federal agent (Bradley Cooper) — of a New Jersey mayor (Jeremy Renner). “Some of this actually happened,” reads the movie’s opening text; but Russell and cowriter Eric Warren Singer aren’t going for verisimilitude. This portrait of the ’70s revels in the decade’s gaudiness — its disco dancing and casino dreams, its ugly coiffures and facial hair — and in the eternal abrasion of sexy women and covetous men. The five stars form a fabulous ensemble cast, in the year’s most knowing explosion of flat-out fun.
二四天天正版好彩免费资枓1 80年代,美国联邦调查局展开了一场针对公职人员的政治腐败调查,此次调查揭露了一名国会议员和七名议人员的腐败行为,这一段真实的历史现在被改编成了一出华丽的闹剧---一个充满戏谑味道,而又无厘头的传奇故事。该片是继导演大卫.奥.拉塞尔,讲述错配情侣和他们的疯狂家庭系列电影的第三部,以及《斗士》和《乌云背后的幸福线》之后的全新力作,一位纽约的行骗高手(克里斯汀.贝尔饰演)和他多嘴的妻子(詹妮弗.劳伦斯饰演),还有勉强和这位大骗子合作的狡猾女友(艾米.亚当斯),在一位联邦特工(布莱德利.库伯饰演)的监督下,和一名新泽西市长共同实施的一场骗局。影片开始写着这样一行字,“本片中部分情节属实”;然而导演拉塞尔和合作编剧埃里克.沃伦并不打算再现史实。这一部对80年代的刻画作品得意于于再现这个时期的俗丽---的士高舞曲,赌场戏梦,丑陋的发式和假发---以及一贯的对撩人女性和贪婪之徒的贬损。在本年度最广为人知的喜剧电影中,该片五位主演的全明星阵容堪称豪华。

4. Her她

In a future Los Angeles so near-Utopian that no scene takes place in a car, Theodore Twombly (Joaquin Phoenix) has a job composing love letters for other people. Profligately romantic, bruised by the failure of his marriage to Catherine (Rooney Mara), he has enough sentiment left over to fall truly, madly, deeply in love with a computer operating system who calls herself Samantha (Scarlett Johansson). Their virtual affair might be the springboard to satire, but writer-director Spike Jonze instead creates a splendid anachronism: a modern rom-com that is laugh-and-cry and warm all over, totally sweet and utterly serious. Or, if you will, utterly Siri. Phoenix corrals the dulcet melancholy of a man whose emotional pain finds refuge in Samantha’s embrace, in a love that, to misquote Phillip K. Dick, is “more human than human.” Phoenix and Jonze show what it’s like when a mourning heart comes alive — because he, Theodore, loves Her. And I, Richard, loved her.
该片发生在未来的洛杉矶,一个如此接近乌托邦的地方。西奥多.通布利(杰昆.菲尼克斯饰演)在剧中的职业是为他人代写情书。他放荡不羁的浪漫情怀,由于和凯瑟琳(鲁尼.玛拉饰演)的失败婚姻而遭受重创,他将剩下的全部情感都给了一个叫做萨曼莎(斯嘉丽.约翰逊饰演)的电脑系统 ,真挚,疯狂,深刻的爱上了“她”。他们虚拟的爱情或许可以作为一个拿来戏谑,但是剧作家兼导演的斯派克.琼斯却出其意料地制作了一个壮丽的时代谬误:一个会哭会笑,浑身散发人情味儿,声音甜美,态度认真的现代电脑系统。如果你愿意,你大可以把“她”假想成Siri,菲尼克斯将他的愁思和情感上的疼痛诉诸与萨曼莎,并在萨曼莎的怀抱中找到了救赎。菲尼克斯和琼斯给我们展示了--- 一颗破碎的心是如何重新复苏。因为西奥多爱“她”,所以,我,理查,爱“她”。

5. The Grandmaster一代宗师

Running at 2 hours and 10 minutes in its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival, Wong Kaw-wai’s dreamy biopic of martial arts master Ip Man was cut by 22 minutes — one-fifth of its running time — by U.S. distributor The Weinstein Company. That’s a crime akin to cutting random holes in a Bosch or Breughel painting; but what’s left is choice. The Hong Kong director makes superb movies (Chungking Express, In the Mood for Love, 2046) that ignore narrative drive for tales of romance and regret in a rapturous visual style of slo-mo imagery and hazy closeups of wistful stars. Tony Leung Chiu-wai, who looks like a more beautiful Obama, plays Ip Man as a poet of gestural precision, in combat scenes choreographed by the great Yuen Wo-ping (The Matrix, Kill Bill). Leung’s partner in reverie is a female doctor, daughter and martial artist played by Zhang Ziyi (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon); she exudes a goddess’s solemn grandeur and is given a diva’s final aria — a fittingly elegiac climax for a world-class filmmaker who’s always in the mood for lost love.

6. Furious 6 速度与激情6

Planes, trains and automobiles collide spectacularly in the fourth Fast & Furious movie to be directed by Justin Lin and written by Chris Morgan. In a reunion of Vin Diesel, the late Paul Walker, their gang and girlfriends and DEA agent Dwayne Johnson, Furious 6 vrooms from Tenerife to Moscow to London, with astounding stunts in each location, and hitches a ride on a military cargo plane for the final brawl. Where Fast Five heralded the New Hollywood’s exaltation of sensational action over subtle character, Furious 6 revs everything up, purifies and improves it to a level even cooler and more aerodynamically delirious than its predecessor, if such a thing is even mathematically possible. This adrenaline-stoking series is addictive, for its chases, crashes, crushes — and for its poetic limning of the closest camaraderie many men can ever know: with their cars. Owning one, some auto-holic says, is like a marriage. “Yeah,” another guy replies, “but when you break up they don’t take half your shit.”
二四天天正版好彩免费资枓1 由林诣彬导演,克里斯.摩根担纲编剧的《速度有激情4》中,飞机,火车,汽车相撞的壮观场面仍历历在目。全新出品的《速度与激情6》中,范.迪塞尔,保罗.沃克和他们的团伙,女友们,以及DEA(禁药取缔组织)探员道恩.强森重新聚首,从特纳利夫岛到莫斯科,再到伦敦,处处上演惊险场面,最后一战中更是用到了军用运输机。《速度与激情5》已经预示了好莱坞从细致人物刻画到令人兴奋和震惊的场面描绘的转型,如果技术上可行,与前几部相比,第六部将把这一效果发挥到极致,将场面提高到更炫酷,更血脉喷张的地步。这一系列令人肾上腺激素激增的剧集令人着迷,急速追车,惊险擦车,剧烈碰撞—还有诗化描述的同志之爱,这个同志不是别人,而是许多男人所熟识的,他们的车。一些机动车迷恋者说,拥有一台爱车,就像拥有了一场婚姻。“没错。”另一个回答,“但是一旦分开,二者又互不相欠。”

7. Frozen 冰雪大冒险

Princess Elsa has powers of sorcery beyond her control: she can and does cast a nuclear winter on her northern kingdom. Her sister Anna is the normal one, falling in love at the first sight of any eligible male, yet bound to confront her sister and save their realm. The first animated feature in the Walt Disney studio’s glorious history to offer two princess heroines, Frozen transforms Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen” into a fable of modern, timeless sisterhood. For this full-musical enchantment, Writer Jennifer Lee and co-director Chris Buck tapped some of the Broadway musical’s brightest lights — composers Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez and actor-singers Idina Menzel (Elsa), Kristen Bell (Anna) and Jonathan Groff (as the gruff mountain man Kristoff) — and poured all comic inspiration into the snowman character Olaf (voiced with irrepressible enthusi-woozy-asm by The Book of Mormon’s Josh Gad). His show-stopping set piece “In Summer” provides the finest two minutes of cinema you’ll seer this year.
公主爱莎拥有自己无法控制的巫术,她对自己北部的王国下了诅咒,让这个地方陷入永恒的冬天。她的妹妹安娜,是正常人,对任何合适的男性都会一见钟情,然而命运注定她要与她的姐姐进行斗争并解救她的王国。这是沃特.迪士尼工作室的光辉历史中,第一次同时出现两位公主英雄,《冰雪大冒险》是根据安徒生童话《白雪皇后》 改编的一个现代寓言故事。为了剧集的全方位音乐效果,编剧珍妮弗.李,导演之一克里斯.巴克积聚了一干百老汇音乐界的奇才---作曲家罗伯特.洛佩兹和克里斯汀.安德森,洛佩兹和歌手和演员双重身份的依迪娜.门泽尔为爱莎公主配音,克里斯汀.贝尔为安娜公主配音,乔纳森.格罗夫为硬汉山民克里斯多夫配音,雪人奥拉夫为该剧增添了许多喜剧效果,在剧中,由参与过《摩尔门经》的乔什.盖德配音。他数次被热烈掌声打断的演出---“In Summer”的两分钟片段,今年也会与大家见面。

8. The Act of Killing 杀戮演绎

In 1965, the thug Anwar Congo was hired by the Indonesian government to stamp out the threat of Communism; he and his fellow gangsters formed paramilitary squads that tortured and killed thousands of innocents. Nearly a half-century later, Anwar and many of his colleagues are still around, still protected by the politicians in charge, and ready to reenact their atrocities. Joshua Oppenheimer’s amazing documentary gives that opportunity to men who grew up idolizing Brando and Pacino and are pleased to star in their own crude biopics. To more closely resemble his young self, Anwar dyes his hair and gets new teeth. He rehearses garroting a man with a wire, to the laughter and applause of the women watching. Making the movies, which vault from film noir to bizarre musical, eventually gets under Anwar’s skin and into his dreams; the pearly killer is finally afflicted with nightmares. For any viewer, the effect is no less haunting.

9. 12 Years a Slave 为奴十二载

Southern whites of the pre-Civil War plantation aristocracy believed themselves God’s chosen, and their slaves inhuman. As shown in this searing film document — an anti-Gone With the Wind — the masters were the madmen, inferior but in charge. The first two feature films of Anglo-African director Steve McQueen, whose first two features, Hunger and Shame, proved him a picture poet of physical degradation. Here, working from John Ridley’s script based on the 1853 memoir of Solomon Northup, a free black New Yorker abducted into servitude, McQueen immerses viewers in the magnolia-scented hell to which Northup (Chiwetel Ejiofor) was exiled. You will recoil at every punishment, feel each slur, with an immediacy that makes the long-ago, “peculiar institution” of slavery sting like a whiplash. To this hot content, McQueen applies cool imagery. The movie has the eerie impact of a museum exhibit; it is a diorama of atrocity, populated by varying forms of monstrosity (Michael Fassbender and Benedict Cumberbatch as the main slave-owners) and benevolence (Brad Pitt as a Canadian abolitionist), and humanized by the smoldering restraint of Ejiofor’s performance.
二四天天正版好彩免费资枓1 在内战之前,南方的白人种植园贵族们,相信他们是上帝的选民,而他们的奴隶就是牲口。同样属于这一热门题材的《乱世佳人》中,主人公是一个疯狂,低下,但是握有自主权的人。最先拍摄两部盎格鲁-非洲故事片的导演---史蒂夫.麦奎因,他的头两部故事片--《饥饿》和《羞耻》展现了他在塑造人们放纵爱欲画面上的诗化才能。本片根据约翰.雷德利在1853年攒写的所罗门.诺瑟普自传拍摄,讲述了一个纽约的自由自由黑人被绑架成为奴隶,麦奎因让观影者沉浸于诺瑟普(切瓦特.埃加福特饰演)流放的地狱,一个混合着玉兰香味的地方。影片中对诺瑟普的每一次惩罚都会让你感到瑟缩,感到耻辱,那久远的“黑奴制度”像一记记鞭子狠狠地直接打在你的身上。对于这一热点题材,麦奎因采用了冷意象来表达。这部电影对博物馆的展会也产生了怪异的影响。它立体的再现了暴行,由不同形式的残暴所充斥(迈克尔.法斯宾德和本尼迪克特.康伯巴奇在影片中饰演主要的奴隶主),也包含了仁慈(布拉德.皮特饰演加拿大废奴主义者),还因为挨杰奥夫郁积的出演而更具人性意味。

10. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug 霍比特人:史矛革荒漠

Who could guess, after the meandering first feature in a seemingly unnecessary eight-hour trilogy of films based on a novel of less than 300 pages, that Peter Jackson had such a vigorous and thrilling middle episode in store? With Bilbo (Martin Freeman), Gandalf (Ian McKellen) and the dwarves finally done with introductory dawdling, they dive into a nonstop adventure among the noble Elves, the rough-hewn humans of Laketown and the ferocious dragon Smaug (voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch). This time, Andy Serkis has not lent his presence to Gollum, but his work as second-unit director is spectacular. Each complex encounter, especially a flume-ride escape of the dwarves, boasts a teeming ingenuity of action and character. A bonus: the budding romance of the warrior Elf Tauriel (Evangeline Lilly) and the dwarf hunk Kili (Aidan Turner). In all, this is a splendid achievement, close to the grandeur of Jackson’s Lord of the Rings films.

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